Thursday, August 6, 2020


idea given to me by my friend, Bella

Now working

the overnight shift,

I knew freaks

came out at


but hot guys?


There was this one guy that rang

My bell and when

I came upon the register,

I was stunned

By his beauty


He was buying

Lube and tissues

And looked embarrassed

When I touched them


I said, “Hey, how are you?”

And he said… 



Now, there was no one


And I was getting aroused

By the suggestion of him

Going home and

Jerking off alone.


Why not with me?


Why not do it

right here?


no one was there...

And the manager was out.


Why not have him

pull up my shirt

lay me on the carousel while

sucking my nipples?


Why not?


I was hating

this job anyway.


And my fingers run

Wild Through

His hair


His uncontrollable head /

Mine thrown back in ecstasy


Almost ripping our shirts

Off before we realize

What we’re doing


And before he leaves

I pull him



To kiss him passionately

And I can’t resist but

Get down on my knees

And pull out his cock


And blow him right there